Diabetes Flamingos!

It has been awhile since I have given an update on Tommy's story.  We have moved again and we are happy where we are now, it was a good move.  Tommy is still wearing an Omni pod insulin pump.  It has been a year now since he began using it and we could not be more pleased with the pump!  I just wanted to let you know about something that I think is soooo coool!  I got an email today from the Omni pod company Insulet, it has the story of a boy named Noah who is spreading the message of awareness for Type 1 Diabetes in the most creative way!  He is flocking the country with Blue Diabetes Flamingos!  I wrote to Noah and asked him if we can participate, Tommy would love to help spread blue flamingos with a message.  Here is a link to his website and story www.thediabetesdude.com ,Diabetes bloggers help Noah spread the message!  Thank you for your efforts Noah and family!

Tommy's mom

Here I am at 2AM

It's a long story so I will make it short. Tommy has been on Omnipod for about 2 1/2 months now and doing as ok as a 5 year old little boy could be, until recently when he decided to start ripping his pod off every time he gets mad at us for whatever. He did it twice on Sunday so we told him he was going to take a mini vacation from the pump and go back on lantus until he decided to not do that. (Hopefully not to long). I got our pharmacy to fill his needle script and saw the BD box, threw them in the car and paid no attention to the size, (come on I had five kids in the car). Guess what, here we are at 2 AM again, he comes in my room saying he is thirsty, His BG is 348! I get him a drink, get out the new bag of needles pull the cap off and realize they are like 3 times as long as his normal ones!!! Pharmacy and Parent error. I can't poke him with that! I don't have any more needles but this new box. Back to the Omnipod, end of vacation, except I had already given him his lantus at 11 PM. It's not fun at 2 AM to try to remember exactly how your Diabetes Educator suspended the delivery of the basal rate until midnight the night he started and I sure ain't gonna call her at 2 AM @#*!+?* Now what! I go to the Omnipod interactive training program online which is great but not good at answering this exact question for a sleep starved mother at 2AM. They have a 24 hour number I think also but I decided to just go to the PDM hands on and figure it out. I put it on him, I delivered his insulin for being High, I created a Temp Basal rate that says off for 12 hours, I started that Basal rate at "Off", I will add time to it in the Morning to keep it off until Midnight tomorrow night because of the Lantus. Now I am going to Bed so I can wake back up at 5 AM to see if his BG came down.

By the way this is Unconditional Love!


Tommy's mom


ADA Step Out 2009!

American Diabetes Association Step Out 2009!
Tommy and Family Speaking at the Walk
Tommy having a snack pre-walk
Here We Go!!!

Around the Lake!

Team Hot Shots at the Half Way Point!

We had a great time at the ADA Step Out for a Cure! Thank you to everyone who came and for all of your Donations!

Please join us again for next years walk!
Remember our next meeting will be at the JDRF Walk for a Cure on Saturday October 3rd not at the meeting hall, we will resume meeting at the Church on the Second Saturday of November.
Have a blessed day,
Jamie and Tommy


Hot Shots Team for the ADA Step Out Walk!

Hello Everyone,

I have just created the Team for Hot Shots on the ADA website and am sending out an email to the Contact list that you can use to sign up. We have a modest fundraising goal this year I am sure we can achieve! Please invite any family or friends you would like to participate in our team and support the kids! Here is a link to our Team page if you would like to join from here . .

The date for the walk is September 19th! Be there or be square!

We will also personally be participating in the JDRF "Capture the Cure" walk and are asking everyone from Hot Shots to come out and support all the walkers, Terry and Katherine and all of the Volunteers will be there.

The date for the JDRF walk is October 3rd! You can visit http://www.jdrf.org/ and click on the walk link on the front page for more info.

We will have a few supplies on hand for the kids but please also be prepared with a supply back pack for the needs of your diabetic child.


Jamie and Tommy


Artificial Pancreas Video On "World News Tonight"!

Racing toward the future!

Hello everyone,

I hope you all saw this wonderful story on World News, it is so inspiring to see the hope we have for the future of our children! Other people may say it is not enough but I see the Artificial Pancreas as a glimmer of hope for my little boy! Follow this link to watch the video! http://abcnews.go.com/video/playerIndex?id=8046715

God Bless,
Jamie and Tommy



Hello Everyone! I would like to let you all know that the Hot Shots meeting will not take place in July due to Camp Hope Well but will resume on August 8th at the Church of the Holy Communion from 10 AM- 12 Noon.

Thank you,

Jamie and Tommy


Adventures in OmniPod!

My SuperMan!

Omnipod on Tommy's stomach with Waterproof band-aid for Reinforcement!

Omni Pod PDM and Pod!

Pumpstart Package

Hello again everyone! We have been busy, busy, busy! Tommy just got started on his Omnipod this week and we are so excited! We went to pump start class Thursday and so far so good, he has had it on for two days now. No more lantus, no more shots every few hours! No tubing! He has been running a little high since he started, near 200 with his target range being 120-140 I suspect we will have to adjust his basal rate some to correct this. We have really had to reinforce him and his younger sisters about not pulling on it and how important it is to stay on. I discovered a couple of things that have really helped, "Mastisol" spray adhesive! This stuff works! Also we have some fun socks that we cut the end out of and slip over the pod on his arm to protect it so he can get used to it, cheap and easy! I read this idea on the omnipod forum pages on http://www.tudiabetes.com/ . I will continue to give updates and photos of this pump in action and Tommy's progress with it. Have a great summer everyone!

Jamie and Tommy

May Hot Shots Meeting

Hello Everyone!

We had a great time today at the Hot Shots meeting! The children played games, "Cosmic Keep Away", "Hullabaloo", colored and made paper flowers today for their Moms, the parents had a meeting with the resident Diabetic Educator Kimberly Johnson on "Traveling With Diabetes", and everyone petted our Hot Shots "Mascot" Calvin the Diabetes Dog! Here are some pictures from today's events.
Making Flowers for MOM!
Playing Games!
Calvin the Diabetes Dog!
Having a Snack and Coloring!
Tommy Having Fun!
Thank you to Everyone who attended today's meeting and HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!,
Jamie and Tommy

I-Port Follow Up 3

I-Port with Band-Aid Around It.

Hello again everyone,

Ok I think the I-port is a great "idea" but I am not sure if it going to work for us right now. I tried to use a big band-aid to keep it from being pulled off and Tommy was irritated by the band-aid so that did not last. There are some things I have not tried that would help it adhere better. We are going to talk to the Diabetic Educator Tuesday and maybe I will be motivated again to try this device, five year old little boys are just hard on everything!

Till next time,
Jamie and Tommy


I-Port Follow Up 2

Hello everyone!

I wanted to follow up again about Tommy's experience with the I-port. We are still going through some trial and error. He has prematurely pulled it off twice with his clothes and when I put it on his stomach he fiddled with it so much it became dislodged. I am going to try again and this time I will take a large band-aid and cut out the center of it to apply over the I-port to close the gap between the device and the skin. I hope this will prevent his clothes from getting hung in the device. I will post again soon with more photos and information about our experience.


I-Port Follow-up

New Application Site

Old Application Site

Tommy is tough on things, including the I-Port. It lasted one day in the location I had it on his upper buttock and with constant tugging of his pants up and down to use the bathroom, etc. he finally dislodged the cannula. I called the company and spoke with them about the application sites and decided to try to apply it to his arm now. I believe it will receive a lot less interference here. I am posting some pictures of the old site and the new site. I have not given up hope on this idea yet, the benefit is too great if it works so hopefully it will be three days before I report again on the outcome.

God Bless and Take care,

Jamie and Tommy


Exploring The Insulin I-Port

Our Wild Little Boy!

I-Port Package

Site of Tommy's First I-Port

I-Port Device out of the Package before installation

I have recently decided to change Tommy's Endocrinologist to find someone more proactive about his care and with a better staff available. We went Wednesday to his first appointment and I was very excited about the steps we are taking to help him get better more advanced care before he starts school in the fall. Next week we will be going back to a pre-pump class hopefully and to have a Glucose Monitor installed on him so the Doctor can monitor his sugars for three days. It will test him every few minutes and then the Doctor will collect this information and use it to make decisions about Tommy's insulin regimen. I will take some pictures of this when we get it so I can post them here. On Wednesday they gave me something we had been wanting to try as a transition to the pump. It's called the I-port, a device that works like a pump infusion set but you can use with syringes or insulin pens before you go on a pump, the benefit is that they only get one shot every three days for their food. You install the device, just like a shot, leave it in place and then use it to inject fast acting insulin into for three days. It leaves a tiny catheter under the skin for the insulin to go into the body with out re puncturing the skin every time they need a shot for food. They still have to have their lantus, etc. at bedtime in a separate location for their basal insulin. It saves them 12 shots every three days and gives us a break from all of the punctures! I really hope this works well until we get him on a pump!
I will be removing it Sunday to install a new one if all goes well and I will post a picture of what it looks like underneath after I remove it. Here is a link to the Website for this device for more information . . . http://www.i-port.com I hope any one dealing with multiple injection therapy but not ready for a pump yet will consider this as a viable option to improve the quality of life and of care for our Diabetic family members. If you have any questions please contact me at Jamieschull@aol.com
Take Care and God Bless!


Elvis Rock and Roll Ride For A Cure!

We had a Great time speaking at the kick off for the Elvis Rock and Roll Ride For A Cure at Southern Thunder Harley Davidson! Thank You So Much to Everyone who is Participating in the Ride!

Annual Easter Egg Hunt Fun!

We had a great time today at the Hot Shots Egg hunt! The egg hunt was diabetic friendly ( all of the eggs were full of little toys and stickers). We also had lunch from Jason's Deli after the egg hunt and everyone watched "Charlie Brown's Easter" on a projector screen during lunch. The kids had egg spoon races, played hop scotch, and colored. I know that these experiences will help our children with diabetes to see others coping with the same disease and living a full and happy life in spite of it. HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE! HE IS RISEN!
By the way, if you have good pictures from the event please email them to me at Jamieschull@aol.com so I can post them on our site.
Thank you!


April 11th Easter Egg Hunt!

Here is the email from Terry about the Hot Shots Easter Egg Hunt, looking forward to some Diabetes friendly fun!

Hi Everyone!

We are going to have our annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday 4/11/09 at the Church of the Holy Communion. We will be meeting from 10am to noon as usual. Lunch will be served after the egg hunt. Please let me know how many children and adults are planning to come so we can be sure to have plenty of “stuff”
Hope to see you all there.

Here is her contact email for any one interested in attending Marian.moore@utmg.org


Flying High With Hot Shots In March!

Hello everyone! These are the pictures from the March meeting of Hot Shots, the kids made kites and colored pictures, they had an egg race and played board games! Lots of fun all around, I enjoyed speaking with the diabetes educator about all of the different pumps and glucose sensors on the market, she had brought examples of all of them and I was able to see the "Omni Pod" it is really cool, we are considering using this technology for Tommy. The next meeting will be Saturday, April 11th from 10am-12 noon, everyone is welcome to bring their families to participate, we are trying to encourage all age groups of families with children with diabetes to come out. to the meetings. For more information you can contact me at Jamieschull@aol.com or one of the contact numbers on the side of this page.

Here is Annabelle, Tommy's big sister with her cookie eyes!

There is a large open space as well as tables for the children to play games!

Here's my Tommy with little Cookie eyes!

Boxes overflowing with fun and games are brought to each meeting for the children!

This is the Refreshment and snack area for all participants, we have sugar free drinks, quick snacks with 15 carbs, fruit, coffee, etc...

Please join us for our April Meeting as dated on the Calendar at the bottom of this page!!!